I’m very proud today to release another build into the wild – navmi 0.3.

I’m quite embarrassed by one of the bugs that had snuck previously through testing – a problem with knots and kmh – many apologies for this – and thanks especially to matthieu60 for helping to identify and fix it!

If you spot any problems, please let me know – sooner they are fixed the better.

The main changes in 0.3 are:
- we’ve completely rewritten the mapping engine – that was a long night, but hopefully will result in memory savings, in performance improvements and in quite a few bug fixes.
- we’ve added the direction arrow to the map display (it makes a lot more sense on the map than it does on the details screen – where it is often confused with a compass)
- we’ve changed the default colours (and the default colors too!)
- we’ve modified the speed smoothing algorithm – this looks good so far – but is an ongoing process – we want to find a happy balance between a responsive speedometer and something that doesn’t fly off the scale during short GPS outages.
- we’ve tried to help prevent freezes caused by incorrect GPS settings – let us know if these work at all…
- we’ve tried to put some functionality in to prevent a horrible GPS spike issue we’ve seen once in testing – where a 0,0 lat-lng pair snuck into the processing pipeline. Investigation into this problem still goes on!

We’re hopeful this will be the last release for a few weeks now – as we intend to take navmi off to the slopes for some ski testing [big smile]

Download is here: http://www.navmi.com/0.3/navmi.cab

More screenshots to follow later (probably!)

Thanks for all the great feedback so far – there’s lots more to come!