There’s a draft drop of 0.4.2 up on

In this version:
- the new speedometer dashboard display
- a new colour picker to help you choose colours (this still needs work!)
- the option to name your lap points
- the option to take photos during your route
- some UI tweaks
– e.g. the main action screens can be scrolled using left/right “swipe” gestures
– e.g. the map itself can be “locked” – so that the current GPS position will stay in the centre
- hopefully not many new bugs… (only one spotted so far is a minor problem on the map scale)

Please note that the photo functionality at this stage is “beta” – the viewer only supports small files for now (full display to follow later), there’s no photo upload, and there is no EXIF based geo-tagging at present – if you want this, then you may be able to add this yourselves dependent on your phone’s camera and GPS setup.

Much more will follow next decade!