After a brief pause…. there’s a new release :)

Currently this release is Beta – there are a few major changes and I want feedback on how these work!

The changes are:

- changes to the GPS processing:
—- Samples are now checked for horizontal accuracy (default is that 50m accuracy is required)
—- Smoothing has been removed
—- Speed is now calculated on the raw data
- changes to the charting – as I said this was done by a separate developer – he’s added some background numbers and some options to change the display and the zoom…
- the name! runsat rather than navmi – more changes still needed here!

- additions to GPX files – speed (Metres Per Second as per GPX spec) – as per requests
- additions to KML files – some lap waypoints, some summary information – as per requests
- change of the “pause” button – so it’s a bit more distinctive when pressed
There’s also an example language file (English) at – I’ve already got an offer for German – will see what else comes along and will include these in future releases. To use this, you need to edit the contents, rename it to e.g. klingon.lang (not with “.xml”) and then place it in the runsat directory – it will then appear within Settings->Languages

As I said, I’m a bit concerned about some of the major changes at present. They seem to work well for me – but I’d like some more users to test them – just in case other phones or other GPS units work significantly differently.

Let me know how you get on – either here, on Talk on or on the xda developers forum

Thanks again to H for helping out with the new charting code.