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runsat 1.1.6 release

A few people have reported issues with “wrong times” being reported by runsat.

This seems to occur only on certain phones.

To work around this, I’ve switched the software over to an alternative timing source within Windows/GPS – hopefully this will produce good results on all phones.

The new release is available now from the download page.

runsat 1.1.5 release

I’ve just uploaded the 1.1.5 release of runsat :)

The main new things in this release are:

  • New language file – Portuguese (Brazil) from Cesar
  • New language file – Russian from KN
  • Changes to the way speed is displayed – hopefully the refresh rate will work better for cyclists now
  • The diary/log now shows average speed as well as distance and time (but the font is a bit smaller as a result!)

The new release is available for free download from

On on :)


Downloading tiles offline

If anyone’s interested in downloading tiles offline – then this tool will let you do that easily on the PC:

Once done, then you can easily copy the folder structure over into the runsat directory on your WM phone.

Thanks to Martin on xda for working this out – superb!

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