I’ve put together an initial Bada app for testing on Samsung Wave S8500 phones.

Currently this app includes:
- a simple diary
- GPS tracking
- data upload to runningfreeonline.com (was runsatuday)

This app doesn’t yet include any mapping (coming soon!)

I’m currently looking for some testers.

If anyone is interested then please:

1. Download this certificate – http://slodge.com/navmi/rootCACert.cer – then copy it to the main memory of your phone and then use the phone’s “My files” app to open this certificate (you can see part of this process here – http://www.careace.net/2010/08/07/run_your_wave_app_on_actualdevice/)

2. Download the test app – http://slodge.com/navmi/runsat.oap – and copy this to the main memory of your phone – then again use “My files” to open this installer.

3. If this works, then you should have a RunningFree app installed – does it work for you?
- if not, then please let me know – I’ll try to help get this working (but this is a very new phone and operating system)
- if it does, then how well does it work? All feedback, good or bad, appreciated.

RunningFree Start page on BadaRunning Free Diary Page on Bada

Running Free Settings Page on BadaRunningFree on Bada