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WM6.5, Bada and Android updates

Hi All

There is a new WM6 version of RunSat available at – this includes:
- some small fixes along the way
- some additional languages thanks to GeoGeo and Andrea for Greek and Italian!
If I don’t hear of any problems, then I will update AppToDate soon.

I’d still like to do a big new revision of the 6.5 app – but time is against me at present – sorry.

I’ve been working hard on Android – amazingly, the WP7 release was actually a by-product of that work.
I’m now waiting for a product to be released – MonoDroid – currently this product is in “Preview”. As soon as this product hits “Beta” then I will be able to release some code :)

The Bada release seems to be working well.
The only problems I know of are all on Vodafone crippled devices – sorry :/
I have one fix for very long activity uploads – I’m fighting the Samsung App Store to get this released.

That’s all for now – hope you have fun running, cycling, skating, whatever!


RunSat GPS Sports Tracker for Windows Phone 7

I’m delighted to let you know that RunSat for Windows Phone 7 is now on the Zune MarketPlace:



The price is currently $1.29 or £0.99 – all funds received will encourage me to build more! For those of you who think the app is not worth paying for, there will be an infinite full functioning free trial available shortly. I missed the “allow trial” checkbox on the first app store submission – sorry!

Credit – the photo used in the app is Creative Commons from – you can shop with them at

News on WM6.5, Bada and Android updates to follow in the next couple of hours…

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