Hi All

There is a new WM6 version of RunSat available at http://www.runsaturday.com/runsat/release/runsat_1_1_7.CAB – this includes:
- some small fixes along the way
- some additional languages thanks to GeoGeo and Andrea for Greek and Italian!
If I don’t hear of any problems, then I will update AppToDate soon.

I’d still like to do a big new revision of the 6.5 app – but time is against me at present – sorry.

I’ve been working hard on Android – amazingly, the WP7 release was actually a by-product of that work.
I’m now waiting for a product to be released – MonoDroid – currently this product is in “Preview”. As soon as this product hits “Beta” then I will be able to release some code :)

The Bada release seems to be working well.
The only problems I know of are all on Vodafone crippled devices – sorry :/
I have one fix for very long activity uploads – I’m fighting the Samsung App Store to get this released.

That’s all for now – hope you have fun running, cycling, skating, whatever!