Language Files :)

Just 2 days after releasing 1.1.1 I’ve already been sent 3 complete language files for the new runsat build!

These will be included in the next release, but in the meantime if anyone wants them then please download them, unzip them and include them in your runsat directory:

This zip file currently includes Dutch, German, and Spanish.

Thanks to Peppi45, SuJaR and Timmy_01 for the hard work – superb :)

Important Notice

As of today, this site is for non-UK users only.

An alternative site will be available for UK users in the near future.

Thanks for your understanding.



Just a point release!

Included are:
- an option to turn off the screen from the device – on Settings->System->”Show backlight off button”
- some changes to window/screen operations – part of my ongoing attempts to get the app listed in some free market places!

Download in the normal place (see the menu!)

1.0.5 – bug fix

Small bug fix released today

There was a small problem with some uploads to runsaturday in 1.0.4 – they would appear not to upload to the server (but actually they uploaded fine!) – this has now been fixed.

Please be careful to backup your data when upgrading – especially navmi.log – I’ve noticed that sometimes the data files can be overwritten by the install process.

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