Just a point release!

Included are:
- an option to turn off the screen from the device – on Settings->System->”Show backlight off button”
- some changes to window/screen operations – part of my ongoing attempts to get the app listed in some free market places!

Download in the normal place (see the menu!)

RunSaturday keeps on adding more!

Navmi is proud to send it’s data to runSaturday for online use.

And the latest changes over on runSaturday include things like this blog view and great 3D playback of your activities.

If you are a Navmi user and you join runsaturday, please sign up to the “navmi” group on runsaturday – http://www.runsaturday.com/Explore/Groups – that way we can all find each other!

Happy sports!


1.0.5 – bug fix

Small bug fix released today

There was a small problem with some uploads to runsaturday in 1.0.4 – they would appear not to upload to the server (but actually they uploaded fine!) – this has now been fixed.

Please be careful to backup your data when upgrading – especially navmi.log – I’ve noticed that sometimes the data files can be overwritten by the install process.

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1.0.4 Released

In the last month we’ve been working on QA – especially on satisfying the requirements for the Microsoft and Samsung app store markets.

The result is 1.0.4.

This release:

  • Addresses a number of small problems found – especially with running builds on devices Internationally
  • Includes new hard button support – now all of your hard buttons should work!
  • Includes some improvements in runsaturday integration

As soon as this QA work is complete, we have some very exciting plans for the next stage :)

0.4.5 – AppToDate and some power tweaks!

Hi Again

Back again with some fixes rather than new functions.

I’ve tried to add to navmi:
- AppToDate support (see http://www.apptodate.org/get and http://www.modaco.com/content/apptodate/267096/download-apptodate-supported-applications/ for more information)
- some tweaks for power control – especially on HDC WinMo devices.

Thanks again all for the feedback – it all helps to keep making navmi better :)

Back from skiing – and a new release

0.4.4 is now available.

Minor changes made are:
- some protection on the course/filename dialog – no longer able to crash the app by choosing an empty course name
- some additional protection added on , versus . string representations of numbers (I hope!) – so KML and GPX exports should now work on , based number locales
- lots of overhaul in the way the UI is displayed – especially to allow app minimisation support – this is mainly for the Samsung Omnia at present – need to understand more about button mappings on other devices!
- use of external photo album viewer on Samsung Omnia device.

And here’s one of my traces from skiing:

Tignes GPS testing!

Next week we’re going to Tignes to do some serious testing.

In preparation for this, we’ve downloaded the OpenPisteMap maps for the area – here they are inside Navmi:
Tignes Testing

There’s lots of snow there – but it is going to be cold!

Can’t wait :)

It snowed – so we took 0.4.3 out for a run

It snowed in London!

So it was the perfect opportunity to take 0.4.3 out for some GPS and photo action

Before the activity:
Prompt's ScreenHow To Take Photos

Reviewing the activity on the phone:
Today's ActivityToday's MapPhotoViewer

Reviewing the activity on runsaturday:

Happy Christmas all!

0.4.3 – waypoints export

Not a huge increment to last night – just some minor additions:


Release notes:

  • Minor fix to map scale display
  • Kml and GPX exports will now contain named waypoints
  • When you use Navmi with “named waypoints” then this only applies to manual laps – not auto-laps

Tested it in the snow today – worked well!

0.4.2 – cameras, named waypoints, a new color picker, and that dashboard

There’s a draft drop of 0.4.2 up on http://www.navmi.com/release/0.4/2/navmi_0_4_2.CAB

In this version:
- the new speedometer dashboard display
- a new colour picker to help you choose colours (this still needs work!)
- the option to name your lap points
- the option to take photos during your route
- some UI tweaks
– e.g. the main action screens can be scrolled using left/right “swipe” gestures
– e.g. the map itself can be “locked” – so that the current GPS position will stay in the centre
- hopefully not many new bugs… (only one spotted so far is a minor problem on the map scale)

Please note that the photo functionality at this stage is “beta” – the viewer only supports small files for now (full display to follow later), there’s no photo upload, and there is no EXIF based geo-tagging at present – if you want this, then you may be able to add this yourselves dependent on your phone’s camera and GPS setup.

Much more will follow next decade!

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